I have had a passion for paper, books and fabric since I was a little girl.  To this day I cannot throw away a piece of paper until it has been completely used in one way or another.  I love paper!

After receiving a BFA from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN, I went into the field of advertising as an Art Director.  This background has now helped me to concept and visually execute my ideas as a book and paper artist.   Since most of the time I create my art for a specific exhibit that already has a theme to it, I enjoy the process of brainstorming within that given parameter.

I started creating artist books about ten years ago.  
It wasn't until I joined a local fiber art group and began making fiber pieces that I found out I preferred to make my pieces in 3D and not 2D.  This realization was then incorporated into my paper art and artist books from then on.

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Email:  Cre8tn@tds.net
Phone: (608) 824.0949